“Living with pottery is a joy and I live with a lot of it

Shed Renovations in 2017


In 2017 I decided to go for the dream.  With a lot of help from friends and family I got to work turning our unique garden shed into the most awesome studio the world has ever seen and to me it truly is.  After 12 years of learning the craft through schooling, apprenticeships, production and workshops I have a space all my own.

My biggest inspiration for making pottery is everyday life.  I think living with pottery is a joy and I live with a lot of it.   The pottery I create is almost always functional and I test every new design in my own home.   It is important to me that the pots I create feel comfortable in your hands and live comfortably on your counters.

I began my love affair with clay in middle school and graduated with a BFA from the Maine College of art in 2005.  After graduating I threw pots in my kitchen until deciding that wasn't going to work and I moved to Washington where I apprenticed for studio potter, Robbie Lobell.  After three years I moved back east and kept making work at a local craft center.  I moved to Vermont in 2013, married a great guy and started a family.  I worked as a production potter for three years until starting my own pottery line in 2017.

All of my pottery is fired to 2225 degrees, dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.